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Two days of family meals for baby led weaning

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I’m not going to write about the pros and cons of different kinds of weaning here, as it’s not really a proper parenting blog, and there are many people who will no doubt a) do it better, b) do it more passionately, and c) argue with me every step of the way. In this post all I am doing is putting a few ideas out there about different kinds of foods that might lend themselves to family meals whilst tempting the little blighters to try what’s on their plates.

Day 1


Birchermuesli (see Austerity breakfast recipes) – no nuts

Diluted apple juice


Home made macaroni soup (for baby –  poured over small squares of bread) handful of grated cheese on top.

Sliced kiwi fruit.


Chicken and mushroom stew with little balls of sticky rice

Strawberries dipped in fromage frais

Day 2


Stewed eating apple pieces with raisins

Fresh fruit milkshake


Houmous and pitta bread pieces, salad

Banana split yoghurt


Omelette (in strips for baby)

Melon balls or pieces, with optional ginger on top for older family members