One Pound Meals

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A little bit late, but I just wanted to repost a really splendid Austerity Christmas Dinner, which works out at £1 per person (if there’s about four of you sharing packets of vegetables and chicken legs, etc). This comes from a book called One Pound Meals by trained chef Miguel Barclay and there’s a film of how to prepare it on the BBC website.

The reason I wanted to post it here is that it’s clear the high level preparation skills of Miguel have really turned the chicken leg (and the infamous sprouts!) into something remarkable here. It’s also clever how his lateral thinking has created a meal that’s highly economical, but which also has the feeling of being special.  Using a chicken leg instead of turkey, and using a special stuffing instead of little sausages means the meal’s cost is minimised. His knives are really sharp, making deboning the chicken leg easier, and he fluffs open the sprouts before (I think) steaming them and possibly roasting or giving them a quick saute, which will add flavour.

This would make a tremendous Sunday lunch dish – I would stuff the deboned leg with my stale bread, egg, sage and onion stuffing (find the recipe in the Christmas section of this website) and replace the bacon wraps with a creamed swede puree for seasonal good value, and the sprouts with frozen peas cooking with a little fresh mint for variety.


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