PAX traditional fitted wardrobe hack – IKEA Hackers

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via PAX traditional fitted wardrobe hack – IKEA Hackers

We have just acquired a set of Pax at home and I was trying to think about idea for making them look more personalised. The IKEA Hackers website is an inspiration and I wanted to share the most impressive post here. Essentially the owner has built a plinth and cornice, added stick-on mirrors onto exiting panels, and installed lights. Detailed instructions are there if you want to try it yourself, and even if your carpentry skills are not great, it would be easy to get the stick-on mirrors cut to size, and choose some high quality knobs from a specialist supplier such as Willow and Stone (we chose the Beehive cupboard knobs to match our door handles, although the bolts supplied with them were a little long and will need packing at the back with a bit of extra wood, or you could buy some special bolts to fit at a building supplier).

Other ways of personalising or refreshing your IKEA furniture can include buying fitted covers, for example from Bemz, or you could buy stick-on decals for drawers, beds and cupboards from Mykea. Anything that helps people to be creative and stops things going to landfill has to be a good idea, right?


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