Fun with your sandwich toaster

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There is a wonderful thread on the parenting forum Mumsnet at the moment, which lists all the things you can make in a sandwich toaster apart from toasted sandwiches. You can see the thread here: Apparently you can use things like batter, eggs, cake mix and puff pastry to create gourmet treats in minutes (I am sounding like a toastie machine advertisement writer now, I know). Students everywhere will surely rejoice and I understand many stores are selling out of the devices on the basis of the Mumsnet thread alone.

Top recipes on the thread include:


Poached eggs


Stromboli pizzas

Steak pasties

Victoria sponge triangles


Fruit turnovers

Here is my (untested) contribution – cherry clafoutis. Make your usual pancake batter, add a dollop of two of some Bonne Maman cherry compote from the jar, then mix. Pour a little into each side of the sandwich toaster. Cook for 2-3 minutes and then check if it’s done. Serve dusted with icing sugar. You could add a slug of kirsch liquor if you want a more adult friendly flavour, and even serve with whipped vanilla cream as well.

I will test the recipe later once I have the ingredients to hand, report back, and post a picture.


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