Easy things to take to pot luck gatherings

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So, you’ve been rushed off your feet with the kids and work and the house and so on, and you realise at the last minute you’ve promised to take something along to a pot luck supper or gathering. What to do, what to do? Here are some suggestions.

Watermelon cut into wedges – always popular.

Berry dessert – mix fresh or defrosted raspberries with a bit of sugar (vanilla sugar is best) and whipped cream and/or Greek natural yoghurt. Ricotta cheese is another good option. Serve with shortbread biscuits.

Kebabs – put cubes of halloumi cheese and cherry tomatoes onto bamboo skewers. These can be grilled as well, and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil before sprinkling with freshly ground black pepper.

Nibbles – for a modern take on the 1970s, put gouda cheese and seedless black grapes onto cocktail sticks. Another quick and clever offering is to fry up some shelled mixed nuts in olive oil with chopped dried rosemary and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Even better if you can wrap them in foil and serve them warm.

Cocktail sausages – buy pre-cooked ones and serve with wholegrain mustard or salsa as a kind of dip.

Finally, if you really want to impress, and you know someone who is visiting Germany or Austria, get them to bring home  a packet of Dr Oetker Tarte au Chocolat or Tarte au Citron mix. Add four eggs and some softened butter and you have a magnificent cake that looks like you spent all afternoon in the kitchen.

Image: graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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