Household captain’s log

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A great time saver is to create a lever arch file with plastic pockets, where you store all the instructions, receipts and guarantees for your domestic appliances, along with a list of tradespeople to call in emergencies (such as plumbers, electricians, heating engineers and so on). Use file dividers to separate the sections, and have an index at the front so you can lay your hands on whatever you need very quickly. You can also have a separate file for matters to do with children (such as school contact information, class lists, school holiday information, details of activities such as after-school club, cub scouts, ballet and music lessons), pets (vet information and medical records), and grocery orders (for example pending Christmas orders and details of your local milkman or organic box scheme), if necessary. This way, if a problem arises and you are away from home, or ill, it is easy for someone to track what needs to be done and when. It also helps you stay on top of all your domestic arrangements.

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