Sunday night organisation

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I mentioned in an earlier post that  it can be useful to give your hair a careful blow dry on a Sunday night to boost morale and save time the next week. Here is a more extensive plan for Sundays to help you organise your time and effort so things are less stressful on a daily basis. Once you have got into the habit, the organisational part  should take you about at least 20-30 minutes in total and this is best done in the early evening. If you add the beauty and grooming regime to it, you need to add at least another 20-30 minutes (an alternative is to do this in two stages with beautification happening during your evening bath once the kids are in bed). 

To start this process, set up your ironing board near your clothes, and have a sewing kit and shoe cleaning kit close to hand. You will also need a notepad, pen, chequebook and envelopes, your diary and/or your smartphone, if you use one, and finally a laptop connected to the internet if possible.

DIARY – Look through and update your appointments for the week. Think about whether you need to book dental checkups, routine health screening  or hair appointments in the near future. Make sure you have completed any slips or cheques that need returning to school or elsewhere, and entered any trips or holiday information into your personal diary. Think about any pick up/drop off problems that might be looming, or times when it looks as though you might have too much on, and try to consider whether there might be some sort of workaround. This might involve making a couple of phone calls to organise sharing lifts with another parent or colleague, cancelling activities you are not completely committed to, or changing dates to a more convenient time. Remember, if there’s too much on, it is perfectly possible to slow time down so you are functioning more on your own terms.

TO DO LIST – Write out Monday’s to-do list, merging work and home commitments and prioritising them 1-4 (1=Urgent and important; 2= Urgent but less important; 3=Not urgent but important; 4=Not urgent and not particularly important).  This should be redone every evening ready for the next day ahead.

CLOTHES – Choose seven outfits, one for each day of the week, and assemble them onto hangers with all the accessories required. Check over the clothes and shoes to make sure they are clean, pressed and presentable, and in good repair (this is where the ironing board, shoe cleaning kit and sewing kit come in). Then line up the outfits at one end of your wardrobe ready for the week ahead, with the matching shoes if there is space. It is also sensible to check that you have enough pants and bras ready, including such refinements as nude coloured underwear that won’t show through light coloured clothing, as well as black bras when wearing dark tops with a neckline that slips, for example. You will need to check your stock of tights as well, to make sure that you have a pair for each outfit that requires them, as well as one or two spares in case the inevitable happens and you snag them with your nails as you are putting them on.  If you fund you are running low on regular cosmetics, sanitary protection or tights, you can order them in bulk online there and then to save time, if you have a laptop to hand.  Double check your children have enough underwear and school outfits/supplies for the week ahead as well.

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