More money savers to try

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Here’s a few extra money saving tips you might like trying this spring.

1.Food collectives are a good thing to do. If you club together with other people from your street or school or whatever, you can legitimately buy food wholesale in bulk from Cash and Carry stores and the like, and then redistribute it amongst yourselves. Collective purchasing can really make a difference to food bills.

2. Land sharing and Guerrilla gardening is another thing to try, other words adopting a neglected piece of land and cultivating it. You might have to do this surreptitiously, but you might even get support from the local council or school to turn unused land into vegetable lots for people to take free fruit and vegetables from, including yourself.

3. Try a Friday night curry club. One night every week cook a different curry together with a few other people or families in large quantities, so it works out cheap per head, plus you get a bit of social interaction as well.

4. Approved Food is great for staples. You can buy food that is past the best before date with big discounts from this website. It’s still perfectly safe to eat.


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