Having trouble making ends meet?

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This is a quick news alert in case anyone is interested in improving budgeting skills. There’s a great website which demonstrates a simplified budgeting model that is likely to be of great use to Austerity Housekeeping fans, so I am linking it here. The method can be used for free via pen and paper or a simple online spreadsheet you can set up yourself, or alternatively you can buy some fairly economical software instead, and sync your data to your smartphone via the Cloud (although you need to think about taking some simple security measures if you choose to do that, for example by avoiding putting too much personal information in any of the files you set up, and possibly encrypting your computer as well). In addition to this, there are free online tutorials and live webinars to help you to get to grips with it all, and a free book you can read online about the underlying economic philosophy (only payable if you want to download it to Kindle or whatever). I’d recommend everyone has a look to see whether it might be useful to family financial management. Let us know how you get on.



Slightly cheesy, US-style self-help book, but with excellent content (and altruistic of the author to offer access to it for free, methinks)



2 thoughts on “Having trouble making ends meet?

    Emma Williams said:
    27 September, 2012 at 9:10 am

    I have been using the YNAB software for a while now, and find it really useful – both for recording and reconciling my bank accounts / credit cards, and also for the philosophy and method they promote for budgeting. It’s not rocket science, but it really puts things into focus. The software was about £40(ish), but you can install it on multiple computers and they have smartphone apps as well. I definitely recommend it. (although I am a bit of a geek, so this kind of thing does naturally appeal to me)

    Sandra Bradley responded:
    3 January, 2013 at 9:04 am

    It’s a really great little package, and I noticed the licence fee covered everyone in the household, which I approve of. I don’t think you have to be a nerd to use it, in fact it is so simple I imagine it would appeal to everyone. Anyway, there’s a free trial so people can have a look for themselves.

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