Having a delicious weekend

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To maximise your relaxation time this weekend, make sure you have done your food shopping by 12 noon Saturday at the latest. Even better if you can book a delivery now for first thing tomorrow, or have it done in person by close of play tonight. Treat yourself by stocking up your cupboards and fridge with healthy things you like eating, rather than the boring run of the mill things you eat every week anyway.

While the weather seems to be good today, we have a good few days of light rain ahead of us, so think about making a light summer soup for lunch tomorrow, for example plum tomato and basil, followed by a cheeseboard and an artisanal bread or a ciabatta, preferably home made if you enjoy that sort of thing.

For dinner, grilling a bit of lamb and serving home made potato salad with Jersey royal potatoes and a few designer leaves makes cooking easy. Perhaps follow it with some English strawberries with freshly squeezed orange juice and a little black pepper ground over the top.

For Sunday brunch you might want to make up some pancake batter and using a decent non-stick pan, make crepes for the family topped with lemon and sugar or melted leftover Easter egg if you have some to hand (mix a bit of double cream in to the melted chocolate to make a smoother, more delicious sauce).  If you prefer to concentrate on Sunday lunch as the focus of the day, think about serving roast chicken (organic free range ones seemed to be half price in Waitrose this week, and a real bargain) with green beans, carrot batons and boiled Jersey potatoes tossed in butter and fresh mint from the garden or window box. Dessert could be a lemon meringue pie if you have lemons left over from earlier in the day, or if you have older kids or are child free, affogato is an excellent simple dessert. For this, pour a measure of espresso coffee over a scoop over the most perfect scoop of quality vanilla ice cream and serve in a tea cup or cocktail glass.

Sunday supper can be a few cold cuts – the best ham you can afford, leftover chicken and a bit of Italian or French salami, with tomato and red onion salad, leftover potato salad from the day before, and Gem lettuce and cucumber (ridge cucumber gives a slightly better flavour although it’s a little more expensive). You can cook a rice pudding with selection of dried fruits (plump sultanas, apricots, dates) at lunchtime while you are doing the chicken, and then chill to eat Spanish style after supper that evening.

Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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