Why do we clean homes anyway?

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If you look back at how our grandparents thought the future would look like, it seemed to involve an awful lot of gadgets, yet somehow the machines we use to make our everyday lives easier haven’t changed much over the last 25 years at least. There appear to be a great many scientific innovations that could make entire groups of household jobs more or less redundant, yet rarely do we see developers incorporating them into new homes. Here are some I would like to see more of.


Self-cleaning windows. A special coating on the glass reacts with sunlight to break down the dirt. Then when rainwater hits the glass it runs off in a sheet taking the dirt with it. It also dries very quickly without streaks. So no slaving away with vinegar based formulations and wads of newspaper.


Robot vacuum cleaners and floor washers. They trundle around the room faithfully every day cleaning your flooring. All you have to do is empty them from time to time, and make sure the battery is charged.


Air filters. While it would probably finish us off to have sterile air in our homes all the time, it surely wouldn’t be  that difficult to develop a system of filtering large dust particles out of the air so that it was only necessary to dust once or twice a year?


Self-cleaning toilets. Wash, disinfect and dry themselves in 12 seconds. They just need an injection of style and they’d be worth having in the house.


Central vacuuming systems. You just plug  a pipe in a wall rather than carrying a huge machine around the place, and it works almost silently and much more efficiently than a conventional machine.


Laundry chute. With a bit of careful planning, it is possible to have tubes running from bedrooms and bathrooms leading to a basket in a utility room, ready for loading into the machine.


This is a mannequin that dries and presses shirts in half the time of doing them by hand, and with better results as well.


Rotary ironers. Feed your wet bedlinen, tablecloths and tea towels through this and you’ll have them flat as pancakes in no time (just watch your fingers).


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